5in1 Textile cable

5in1 Textile cable

The 120cm long cable has an outer casing of woven textiles and aluminum contacts. The cable supports 3A which gives a faster charge of your device. Equipped with cable break protection for better durability. Connects to Lightning, Micro-USB and Type C, connect the cable to the wall charger or car charger for charging. Available in several bright colors. The contact is with both USB-A and Type C

Minsta antal: 100 st
Antal 100 250 500
Pris/st 73,50 65,00 60,00

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Om: 5in1 Textile cable

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Artikelnummer 13657
Material Aluminium, nylon, PVC
Tryckmetoder Engraving (silver coloured)
Tariffkod -
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